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How to get free Windows Access to Hotmail in iPhone?

Hotmail is the oldest webmail service among all. It has wide verities of features which are unique and fresh. Now Microsoft had launched the new service names as “Outlook”. It’s the same as Hotmail but with some transformed and additional features. It has a very nice idea to get it live on iPhone that to be free. It’s a webmail platform where the user can get its email address and they can connect with the world-wide audience. Yahoo! Mails and Gmail are also the same platforms but they don’t offer these as Hotmail do. It connects the windows as a Live Hotmail which the user can access it through their iPhone.

Here the experts’ the team of Hotmail Support elaborates the point to get an access to POP (Post Office Protocol). POP is a type of protocol that defines the server of the Internet and it’s a way to retrieve the emails. It has its versions also that we will discuss later on.

  1. Go to the “Settings” of the iPhone.
  2. Now choose “Mail” then “Contacts” and then “Calendars.
  3. Choose to “Add Account” option from the Accounts setting.
  4. Select “Others”
  5. Choose to “Add email Account.”
  6. Now fill the boxes accordingly as like the name in the name section and so on.
  7. Here you will see Address bar. Fill the full “Windows live address of Hotmail” in it.
  8. Now put the correct Password in the given box.
  9. Choose to “Save”.

By following the same you will get an easy access. In the case of any doubt, the user can directly contact the experts’ team of Hotmail Customer Helpline by calling on the given helpline number +353-766803285 for any further details, the experts are trained and specialized from every angle, so user feel free to ask anything.

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