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How to fix Skype calls issues

Are you experiencing issues with your Skype calls? Are calls are not of good quality? Do your calls get frozen, delay or dropped frequently? Well, do not worry, such issues are common among users and can be resolved easily. Skype Support would like to make you aware of the real cause of such issues. Problem with the internet connection is found to be the usual reason for these problems. Follow the steps provided below and also ask the person whom you are calling to follow the same:

Step 1. For the best performance, make sure you are using the latest version of Skype and also the person, whom you are calling, must use the latest version.

Step 2. Check the internet connection: Dropped calls, blocky or frozen video and poor sound are faced due to a bad internet connection only.

  1. IYou must have a strong WiFi signal, or you can use wires connection for the better result.
  2. All the programs that might be using the internet connection should be closed.
  3. Use the Call Quality indicator in the top right corner of the Call window to check the connection speed.

Step 3. Check the connected webcam, microphone, and speakers: There might be the problem in hardware if the connection issues are solved and even then the problems persist. Try to use USB headset or webcam rather than using the integrated microphone and loudspeakers of PC or tablet. To resolve your problems use the following tips:

  1. Ensure that your microphone/speakers/headphones are turned on properly and not in mute mode.
  2. Now, in Skype make a free try call. The test call will prompt you to record a message and will it back for you, which the easiest method to check if there is a problem with your audio settings.
  3. Make sure your webcam is working properly or not. Click Tools, select Options and then go to Video Settings on Skype. I the video stream can be seen that means the webcam is absolutely fine.

Every major or minor problem occurring while accessing your account can easily be resolved by contacting Skype Technical Support. Result-oriented and satisfied solutions are served to customers. User’s queries are our priority to fix using the latest technology. So feel free to call us at our support number and get instant help.

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